Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hibou @ Ranch Relaxo Sept 5th

Hey Goslings,

How's it been? We've been alright...we had such a good time at our show at the Church Street Fetish fair (appearing on stage after the super delux Frenchie Davis -who I might add- had a hello kitty shaved into her hair!). I'm happy to say that we all came out of it with our asses intact.........but I never did get a ride on that ponyman.

Too bad...but there's always next time.

Anyhow...we'll be rockin it at the Rancho Relaxo Friday Sept 5th (one day after my birthday if you pay attention to these sort of things) TOTALLY COME! IT's gonna be amazing and we'll be on first, so be sure to get there in plenty of time!



Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This dance ain't for everybody, only the sexy people, so get out there and dance! Dance I said!

Always in favour of playing shows at sexy venues (Feminist Porn awards anyone?) your favorite birds of prey are playing THIS SUNDAY (August 17th) at the CHURCH STEET FETISH FAIR (

We'll be hitting the North Stage at 5PM, so come by and see if:

a) I've been succesful in convincing Sergio to dress up as an Adult Baby


b) if Sergio is any good at singing back-up vocals with a ball-gag in his mouth. See you then!