Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Shooting birds in Miami

Birds in flight
Saint Thibeaud...
*close enough, let's drink it!*


The moment of truth

Evening wear

Miami Stylez!

*I fear like I may be setting a tone with this entry that I'm not sure we can deliver on consistently, panache-wise...quite yet. But for a 1st entry it's not bad.

Performing at the Ultra Music Festival was one hell of a 1st (way) out of town gig. Sharing the same bill as so many people that are/were so influential in such a huge scene was half humbling, half emboldening and completely rad.

We had some hilariously typical rockstar moments...careening around in rediculously tricked out limos, raiding the VIP bar then (after catching Justice's set) LOUDLY singing WE ARE YOUR FRIENDS while wandering backstage and running smack into one of the guys from Justice, who heard me drunkenly slaughtering his song and gave me a salute with his cigarrette and an 'allo'. Classic!

But by the second night of the festival we were pretty sick of the whole VIP experience though, so we got some chicken on a stick and kept it real watching all the party people in all their glory, taking it all in.

Miami...I was shocked to still into rave. I saw more fun fur at Ultra than I thought possible in this day and age. I saw soothers! Crazy glow stick dancing! All fuelled up on Vodka/Red Bull like it was a house party at Britney's place. It was pretty shocking really.
Justice's set blew our minds, forcing Sergio to stay hunched over his laptop making music for the remainder of the trip...and DJ DLake and Symbol Jones came straight outta Baltimore and made me shake my business with their totally fabulous set that saw Snoop, The Marvelletes, and Prince collide in one hot sweaty dance orgy.

Our set went really well. I had never felt the BASS of my own music shake my body the way it did on that crazy booming system. The sun was setting between two giant buildings right on to our was beautiful!
Of course, we were sad to leave our newly adopted third member Josh behind in Canada. He wasn't far from our thoughts though, and we weren;t far from his...Here's a poem he emailed to us:
How was the show? how was the show?
You simply must tell me, I just gotta know!
did it go badly? did it go swell?did you get arrested for playing so well?
Oh you must have so many stories to tell,
And I can't wait to hear them. I simply can't wait!
You must write me back at a punctual date.
I can only assume there are photos galore,Of debauchery after the show (or before),
Of sergio happily passed out on the floor,Of palm trees and parties and panties and more,
But anyway. I'll stop now, my rhyming is straining.
I assume it was successful *and* entertaining,
And I'll see you guys back here (where it's 2 degrees and raining).

We love that guy!!!!

Anyways, I'm happy we went, and I'm happy to be home...Miami parties so hard it kinda freaks me out (and girls with butt implants????? Seriously!?).
More pictures to come...